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  • 11 Dec 2013 11:54 PM | Anonymous
    Jeff Hancock
    2013-2014 Secretary
    AAF Lexington 
    859 494 4708 

    LEXINGTON, KY. ( December 09, 2013) – The American Advertising Federation (AAF) has issued a Government Alert concerning a recently released bill in the Senate that would greatly affect the advertising industry on a national scale. The plan under consideration would require 50% of all advertising costs to be amortized over 5 years and 50% deducted in the first year of the amortization schedule. A new schedule would be required each year a company purchases advertising.

    For the past 100 years, the Tax Code has rightly permitted businesses to deduct the full cost of their advertising, which is a necessary expense businesses must pay to communicate with customers and generate sales. This proposal is a major economic threat to not only the advertising industry, which provides 20 million jobs, or 15% of jobs, in the country, but those businesses who advertise, whose expenses generate $5.8 trillion of activity in the U.S. economy.

    “The stimulus generated by advertising brings jobs and sales to every state and to every congressional district,” says Clark Rector, Executive Vice President – Government Affairs for AAF. “Any reduction that limits the amount a business may deduct of its total advertising spending could have a devastating impact on jobs and economic activity.”

    Should this legislation pass, the nation’s struggling economy would take another devastating blow. IHS Global Insights estimates that this bill could reduce sales by $446 billion and place 1.7 million U.S. jobs at risk. In Kentucky, this legislation would obstruct the $67.3 billion of economic output accounted for by advertising and threaten over 275,000 jobs, or nearly 15% of all jobs in the state, supported by the local advertising industry.

    In order to prevent this economically disastrous bill from passing into law, AAF is calling on the advertising industry and those affected by it to contact their senators and ask them to oppose any change to the tax treatment of advertising. Senators can be easily contacted through the U.S. Senate website, Look for “Find Your Senators” in the upper right hand corner of the page. 

    AAF Lexington has rallied its membership behind this cause by distributing Government Alerts, posting on its social media sites about the issue, and circulating a letter urging members and non-members alike to sign and join in the fight against this legislation.

    “We are the unifying voice of the advertising industry so we have to stand up collectively in Kentucky to fight this legislation. Otherwise, it could negatively affect everyone. Even general commerce in our area. Basically if you advertise, rely on advertising for your business or provide services such as advertising consulting, photography, design, web programming, printing, etc., you are affected. Even the popular tech startup scene is not safe since many startups rely on advertising for revenue. Let’s stand up against this together, Kentucky.” – Adam Martin, 2012-2014 AAF Lexington President

    Join AAF and AAF Lexington in opposition of this bill by contacting your senator  today. For more information about this proposed change to advertising tax deductions, follow @AAFLex on Twitter, like the AAF Lexington’s Facebook page.
    The American Advertising Federation Lexington, formerly the Advertising Federation of Lexington (Lexington AdClub), represents Lexington’s multimillion dollar advertising industry and is a Division I member of the American Advertising Federation. Originally incorporated on  October 5, 1950 today’s AAF Lexington is the area’s oldest membership organization for marketing, advertising, and other communications professionals. To learn more, visit 

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  • 14 Apr 2011 1:41 PM | Anonymous
    I recently received an email from my new friend Ashley letting me know she had started a new job.  How did she find out about the opening?  The Ad Club website Job Board!  Ashley graduated from UK in December and sent me her information requesting a post on the AAF Lexington Job Board.  It turns out that post worked for her, because that's how Ashley's new employer found her.

    So whether your looking for the right job or looking for the right employee to fill an opening, check out the AAF Lexington Job Board.  It works!

    Resumes and Job Descriptions can be sent to
  • 24 Mar 2011 10:57 AM | Anonymous
    So a few things have happened since my last post, mainly the ADDYs! has been full of event updates and winner congratulations since the Gala on February 12.  Be sure to visit the ADDY Winners page to find out who this year's big winners were.  Pictures are now on Facebook and we're hoping to get a Flickr page set up soon with even more photos!  As always, we encourage feedback on all our events.  If you have questions, comments, or ideas for next year's ADDYs feel free to email me at

    Last night the Ad Club hosted an after hours networking event at Onizim's.  We took a break from our typical Professional Development Luncheon this month because of scheduling conflicts and the Board felt everyone needed a casual event to sit back and network.  We had a great turn out and I'd like to extend a big thank you to Urban Active, Carino's, Onizim's, and Cornett IMS for the give-aways they provided.

    Many have asked if we'll be hosting a Keeneland event this year.  The answer is yes, but not until the Fall.  So stay tuned for details on that later in the year.  Also, be sure to check back soon for details on our April Professional Development luncheon.
  • 20 Jan 2011 7:31 PM | Anonymous
    I know the 7 secrets, do you?  If you had come out to the AAF Lexington Professional Development Program on Wednesday you would.  On behalf of the Ad Club, I'd like to send a big thank you to Erik Deckers who led a great discussion on this topic at our luncheon.  If you missed it, there are plenty of ways to catch up with Erik.  Visit his blog at, find him on Twitter @edeckers, or buy his book "Branding Yourself:  How to use Social Media to Invent or Reinvent Yourself."

    We will not host our monthly Professional Development Program in February.  Why?  Because the ADDYs are February 12 and we want to see everyone there.  RSVP today!

    Do you have a great idea for a luncheon program or other event with AAF?  Let us know at
  • 10 Jan 2011 3:16 PM | Anonymous
    Last week was the competition deadline for ADDY entries, and we're excited to announce outstanding participation.  Not only are there more entries in the ADDYs this year, there are more entrants.  Which means more companies in and around Lexington chose to submit their Great Ideas.  This year, we've set the bar high, so you can be sure when you win an ADDY that you're up against the best.

    This weekend, three judges are traveling in from Tennessee and South Carolina.  To prepare for the work they'll be judging, the judges will be briefed on the local Lexington market and industries.

    Stay tuned, we'll be notifying winners soon.  And check back later, registration for the 2011 ADDY Gala will be open soon.

    Good luck everyone!
  • 27 Dec 2010 4:15 PM | Anonymous
    Christmas may be over.  But the Ad Club Board is still happy to spread some Holiday Cheer.  Happy Holidays everyone!

    Happy Holidays
  • 16 Dec 2010 2:46 PM | Anonymous
    When you think of the Salvation Army what do you think of?  You probably think of people standing outside your grocery store, ringing a bell, collecting money in a red bucket.  But do you ever think of where that money is going?  Your donation to the Salvation Army helps house, feed, teach and lead needy families throughout Lexington.

    For those of us who attended the Creativity for a Cause Program on December 15, we learned that the Salvation Army needs all the help it can get and we learned there are more ways to do so then ringing a bell.  The AAF group was presented with three challenges and our task was to put our creative minds together to meet those challenges.  The Challenges:  attract younger donors, promote the Online Kettle Program, promote the LemonAiD Program, and get more businesses involved.

    The group came up with some fantastic ideas for the Salvation Army to present to their Board. But we all know that nothing beats word of mouth.  So I challenge each of you.  If you have children, sign them up for LemonAiD this summer.  Not only will they learn valuable business skills, they'll learn to give back.  Or, rally your co-workers and together sign up for an Online Kettle.  If nothing else, visit to learn how you can help.

    Thanks to everyone who came out to this month's Professional Development Program.  See you next month!
  • 10 Dec 2010 11:14 AM | Anonymous
    Hello AAF Lexington members and friends.  As you can see from the number of posts below, blogging has never really been my thing.  But I would like to recommit myself to keeping our membership more informed on happenings with AAF Lexington.

    I'm especially looking forward to our December Professional Development Program.  This month we are hosting Creativity for a Cause with the Salvation Army.  Last year, we hosted this same Program for Big Brothers Big Sisters.  Everyone who participated enjoyed the experience and felt they gave their lunch hour to a good cause.  This is the season of giving and as a creative organization, what better way to give than give our minds and ideas to a deserving cause.  I guarantee this will be a fun, entertaining and rewarding Program.

    Next, I would like to quickly thank the Board of Directors.  Brian Clark, Otto Pittner, Michael Voss, Jane Ashley Pace, Bill Dotson, Cheri McMullin, Jeff Hancock, Adam Martin, Norma Wirt, Heather Clary and Amber Montgomery.  Thank you all for your time and dedication to this organization.

    If you are not familiar with the Board Members, you will get a chance very soon to get to know them better.  As a Board we have committed to call each member of AAF Lexington to connect and hear from you.  Don't worry, we won't take up too much of your time.  We just want to take the opportunity to express our appreciation for your membership and make sure you're up to date with AAF.

    As I write this, I realize I have a lot more say.  So look for another post from me soon.  I look forward to talking with you more, and I hope to see you ALL at our December 15 Program at the Red Mile.

    All the Best,
    Debi Williams

    President, AAF Lexington
  • 06 Jul 2010 9:30 AM | Deleted user

    The Lexington Ad Club is pleased to announce exciting changes for the new 2010 – 2011 club year.

    First, welcome to our new web site! You can easily renew your membership online, register for events, and access an online directory of ad club members (for members only).

    Also, we have new categories of membership for you to choose from. And when you sign up and pay for membership this month (before July 30), receive a 10% discount on your member dues!

    Choose from the following and renew/sign up for membership today:

    Agency / Corporate
    Two individuals are the "primary representatives" of the organization for membership
    Any employee of that organization may pay Member rates at events and regular monthly luncheon meetings
    Dues are $260
    Dues paid before July 30 are $234 (a 10% discount)

    Pay Member rates at events and regular monthly luncheon meetings.
    Dues are $130
    Dues paid before July 30 are $117 (a 10% discount)

    Young Professional (Age 32 and under)
    Pay Member rates at events and regular monthly luncheon meetings.
    Dues are $90
    Dues paid before July 30 are $81 (a 10% discount)

    Note: Lunches may be prepaid for the year (11 lunches) for an additional $220 per individual. To prepay your lunches, please contact

    About Membership
    The Lexington Advertising Club (LAC) is the Lexington, Kentucky chapter of the American Advertising Federation in the AAF 5th District. Our members receive all benefits and discounts of AAF membership.

    The Club year begins on July 1 and ends the following June 30. Membership expires June 30 and must be renewed each year. Current members have until August 31 each year to renew their membership. All membership dues include Lexington Ad Club membership, AAF and 5th District AAF affiliation.

    New members may join the Lexington Advertising Club anytime during the year at pro-rated annual dues rates. Dues for newly accepted members will be prorated to the first day of the LAC fiscal quarter in which the membership application is approved by the Board of Directors. The entire AAF affiliation fees and Fifth District fees are included in the prorated dues, unless the new member is a transferee from another AAF Club/federation and proof of payment to AAF can be verified.

    Additional Terms:
    1. Individual and Young Professional memberships are non-transferable within the same company, unless a member leaves the position for another company (i.e. a membership stays within the company that paid for it).
    2. All memberships must be paid by August 31 to receive entry fees and admission prices at club member rates for the ADDY Awards.
    3. Prepaid lunches and membership dues are non-refundable.
    4. A customized invoice can be prepared at a member’s request reflecting dues and prepaid luncheon costs as one fee. For example, an Individual membership paid by July 15 ($117) with prepaid luncheon option ($220) could be shown on the invoice as a total dues amount of $337.
    5. Each application for membership must be accompanied by a remittance covering annual membership dues.

    It is going to be a great year ... join today!

  • 07 Jun 2010 10:03 AM | Deleted user
    We've just launched our new site on the "Wild Apricot" platform. It allows us to manage all member info and messaging from one system. If we happen to make a mistake in the first few months -- please excuse us while we get used to it.

    If you have any suggestions, just let us know.


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